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It started out as a tool for me to learn HTML. I try to update it to keep it relevant, as life changes happen.
As my dad used to say, If you don't toot your own horn, no one else will either.
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"Now some people say that you shouldn't tempt fate,
and for them I cannot disagree.
But I never learned nothing from playing it safe;
I say fate should not tempt me."
-- Mary Chapin Carpenter

About me:

  • Location: Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A.
  • Occupation: I work at Shepherd Center, a Catastrophic Care Hospital in Atlanta.
  • Heroes (in no particular order): Chris Evert. Nelson Mandela. Eva Peron. Lance Armstrong. My mom.
  • I'm involved with the the Atlanta Auburn Club. Check out the club's Message Board for upcoming Events and more.   War Damn Eagle!


From July '04 through March '05, I was privileged to live and work in South Africa. It was an amazing experience in a beautiful, diverse, colorful, special country. I made some wonderful friends there, had some pretty cool adventures and I learned a lot about being a citizen of the Earth that goes beyond being a citizen of these great United States of America.

I lived at Stonehaven on Vaal. Check out their SOCCER WORLD CUP page.

Click here for my South African BLOG that I wrote while I was there.

My South Africa photo album links:
July-September 2004
October 2004
November 2004
December 2004January 2005
February 2005
March 2005

Click here for my South Africa Trip index page (links and maps and things).

Other Web sites I'm partial to .....

Auburn Sports … it’s grrrrreat to be an Auburn Tiger.
Outsports.com … a haven for gay sports fans. There's obviously a market out there.
The Best of Craigslist. Who knew there were so many creative, colorful people out there?

ChrisEvert.net All you could ever want to know about her, records, match scores, etc.
CurrentTV. I love this channel.

The Daily Show. Jon Stewart has a way of telling it like it is.
Bewitched … reviews of all episodes from all 8 seasons. And more!

I used to post picture albums here, but times and technology changed. Here are some of my oldie but goodie photo albums:

Spring and Summer 2003, Album 1
2002 various pictures, Album 2
Older pictures, Album 3

Check out visit to the Atlanta Falcons' Training Camp in August 2003.

My 2003 Auburn Football Gameday Photos:

Auburn vs. USC, 8/30/03
Auburn at Georgia Tech, 9/6/03
Auburn 28 - Tennessee 21, 10/4/03
Auburn 45 - Mississippi State 13, 10/18/03
Auburn 73 - Louisiana Monroe 7, 11/1/03
Auburn vs. Ole Miss, 11/8/03
Auburn at Georgia, 11/15/03
AUBURN 28 - ALABAMA 23, 11/22/03

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