From July 2004 through April 2005 I am living and working at Stonehaven on Vaal, near Johannesburg, South Africa. This page serves as an index for my trip. I will be adding photo's and other information that can be linked to from here.

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Links for my South Africa photo albums: January 2005, December 2004, November 2004, October 2004, July-September 2004

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Stonehaven is located near Vanderbijlpark, on the Vaal River about 45 minutes southwest of Johannesburg. The Vaal River separates the Gauteng and Free State Provinces. The map links below should help you know more clearly where on earth I am.

In August 2004, we travelled into Botswana through the Kalahari Desert, and into the Okavango Swamps.

Photo Links:
January 2005 Pictures
December 2004 Pictures
November 2004 Pictures
October 2004 Pictures
My July 2004 pictures referenced in my Blog.
My 1984 trip to South Africa. Was I ever that young?

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Does reading my blog make you want to visit South Africa? I have a dear friend in Atlanta who might can help you negotiate airfares. Visit her website ( or email her directly if you'd like.

South African Flag description:
Red for bloodshed
Blue of open blue skies
Green for the land
Black for the black people
White for the European people
Yellow for the natural resources i.e. Gold
The Y symbolizes the merging nationalities - i.e. unity