Auburn 28 - Alabama 23
Nov. 22, 2003

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It's Auburn-Alabama day. The madness begins.

Set up for tailgating. Now where is everybody?

An Auburn family in the shadows of Jordan-Hare!

Crowd gathers for a huge Tiger Walk.

A plane flew overhead with a banner that read "It's rolling, baby!"

The players make their way through.

We were on a hill. Patti's not that tall. Robbie's not that short.

The sun sets on Jordan-Hare.

An orange and blue sunset. Good omen for the good guys!

Niece and nephew.

The Bayside Gang.

Settled into our seats for the battle ahead.

As a pre-1989 AU grad, it's still a shock to my senses to see THOSE people on our campus and in our stadium. But I'm glad they're there!

The Tigers take the field.

Don't be afraid, Bammer, come on out to play.

Coin toss, with Auburn honorary Captain, Bo Jackson.
Go, Bo, Go!!!

Kickoff. Around the bowl and down the hole, roll tide, roll!

15 seconds, 1 play and 80 Cadillac yards later, Auburn's ahead to stay.

OK, the 3rd quarter got a little tense. This is mostly how I watched that quarter, walking the concourse, peering in to check on things.

The student section gets a little wild late in the game.

Finally, Jason takes a knee, as the clock ticks down.

Look at those stats! Why was the score even that close?

Let the celebration begin!

A family of happy Tigers!
Toomer's Corner, here we come!

The party had started without us.

Look! I'm rolling Toomer's!

College students at heart.

Real college students.

She's a freshman at Georgia, but gets into a little Auburn tradition.

Samford Hall watches happily over the celebration.
Go to for a live web cam view of Toomer's Corner, along with more pictures and information.
The party ended, we sent the real college students off into the wild Auburn night, and Patti and I headed to the hunting camp near Tuskegee.

The next day:

Now how did that get there?

The hunting camp. Otherwise known as Tumpsie's Bed and Breakfast. Room service was a little lacking, but the accommodations couldn't be beat otherwise.

I could get used to this life. All I need's an internet connection!

In from hunting (nothing was killed! Yea!), Joel and Tumpsie worked on breakfast.

My first plate-full.

Me and Tumpsie