Auburn at Georgia
Athens, GA,
Nov. 15, 2003
Will this season ever end?

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The day started out so hopeful.

Atlanta Auburn Club busses filled up with enthusiastic Tiger fans.

Boarding the bus, cocktail in hand. It's 5 o'clock somewhere.

Passing time on the ride up to Athens: signing cards for AU Alum troops stationed in Iraq.

Watching Auburn football highlight tapes. Punt, Bama, Punt!!!

Arrival in Athens, bring out the food.

Atlanta Auburn Club members

With our Eatzi's spread, we were the envy of every Tiger.

Some rowdy Georgia fans did some drunk cheers and talked some smack. Were some of these kids even born the last time Auburn lost in Athens? They sure do talk big. A rousing "Wegl Wegl War Damn Eagle" from us sent them on their way.

And we got back to tailgating.

Entering Sanford Stadium. It needs more restrooms.

Pregame warm-ups. The team looked spirited. The coaches looked confused already.

The Tigers take the field at Jordan-Hare-East. We own this place. Well, we did.


Our poor defense, left on the field most of the first half. Bless their hearts.

Night sets in. The offense finally threatens a little. Cadillac is thrilled when he actually gets to carry the ball.
<----Too little too late, but Touchdown Auburn. AU-7, UGA 26. The first time I've ever seen us lose in Athens. Carnell Williams had 2 carries the first half, and now I have to hear how UGA shut down our running game. Georgia fans around me were saying "Keep passing, Tuberville!" by the 3rd quarter. He did. And for that, he gets $1.5 mil. Despite all... it's still great to be an Auburn Tiger. WAIT TILL SWIM SEASON!!!!!