Auburn 20 - Ole Miss 24
Nov. 8, 2003
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This man traveled 2000 miles
to see this game!!!

Ready for Tiger Walk. Michael, Stu, Jonathan, Lee and Cheerleader Andy. The blonde on the left... what's her deal?

Tiger Walk begins.

War Eagle, fly down the field,
ever to conquer, never to yield...

Betty, Kim and Patti

It's never a bad time to dislike Bama.

The Auburn Marching Band enters Jordan-Hare

Heeeere come the Tigers!

Touchdoooooown Auburn!!!
Why couldn't we run that same play with :40 seconds to go in the game? They didn't stop it in the 1st quarter, they weren't gonna stop it in the 4th.

Sun starts to set as the second half begins.

Night falls, a lunar eclipse; strange things start to happen. Like bad play-calling and dropped passes.

Another lunar eclipse shot.

The long ride home.
Rehashing the game. We're a running team. We run the ball. It's what we do. We've got Cadillac. Why were we passing from the 4 yard line with plenty of time and time outs? Change the CD. Make me another cocktail.
*****War Eagle Anyway *****

More game pictures courtesy of Stu: