Photo Album, Spring and Summer 2003

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Coach Tuberville and I share a special moment at the Atlanta Auburn Club Scholarship Dinner

Take THAT, Martina!

The 2003 Peachtree ... "T-SHIRT! COLD BEER!"

A day on Lake Lanier. Cheers!

The Auburn-Georgia Tech gameday shirt designed by the Atlanta Auburn Club

We all met in Wichita in 1987! And we still like each other!

Me and Zach and Zoey!

Mark, Lee, Tim

Going out in Charleston

Old friends. Well, friends who are old. Well, we've been friends a really really long time.

Movie in the Park! Screen on the Green, at Piedmont Park. Let's pack up the granny cart and go!

They love their uncle!

45 years ago today, this poor woman was in labor.

My niece takes me for a ride on the gator.