Auburn - Southern Cal game
August 30, 2003
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Arrival on the Plains. Who brought the girl?

Where IS everyone?

OK, so maybe we shouldn't have arrived 5 hours early when the temp was 88 already.

Let's take another picture!

Glad Tadlock brought the TV. Watching UGA-Climpson

Pat and Leon arrive

PittyPat and the new Auburn Freshman!

Sister and Brother

Mom, Uncle, Niece

Me and Mom!

Tailgating at the Loveliest Village on the Plains

Tiger Walk!
War Eagle!

Taking in the Tiger Walk

The band enters Jordan-Hare

Tadlock and Leslie score 50 yard line seats. 1st row. See them down there?

The team enters Jordan-Hare!

Heeeerrrre come the Tigers!

War Eagle, fly down the field...

Due to circumstances beyond my control, the day went downhill from there, so no more pictures were taken.
AU-0, SoCal-23

It's STILL grrreat to be an Auburn Tiger!