Auburn 73 - Louisiana Monroe 7
Nov. 1, 2003
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Morning on the Plains. It's Homecoming Day!

The new tent. It can probably be seen from space.

Nice Homecoming float, Bryan. Now, what is it, again? What's that pipe thing?

Another Homecoming float.

Patti and Patricia, ready for Tiger Walk.

A motherly moment.

Cheerleaders lead the Tiger Walk.

Aubie high-5's the crowd.

Coach T tries to slink through the crowd unnoticed. After the LSU game, he needed to slink.

Players getting pumped up for the game.

Trey Smith. Uh, Trey, could you try not to drop a punt return this week, pretty please? Bless his heart.

Sophomore fullback, Jake Slaughter

Now the tailgating really begins.

Jen, look a little happier.

The Rhodes Gang.

Time to head to the stadium.

After the game (oh, Auburn won).

A family portrait.

Mr. Tumpsie's first tailgating experience. I think he liked it.

Sun sets on the tailgating.

Patricia and Erin ready to call it a day.