Auburn 28 - Tennessee 21
Oct. 4, 2003
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The sun comes up on a Pike County, Alabama morning. It's Auburn-Tennessee day!

The cows were getting their game faces on.

So were we!
Happy Birthday, Patti!

Early arrival on the Plains for a full day of tailgating!

A field trip to Bryan's apartment.

Patti checks out Bryan's internet surfing. "No really, mom, was for a psychology paper!"

The frat boy and mom.

Uncle, Nephew and Mom.

The sun sets on a beautiful day of tailgating on the Plains.

Settling into our game seats.

Heeeere come the Tigers!


The scoreboard at halftime. Uh,... is that a typo? Shouldn't it be AU-21??? The refs need glasses.

Touchdooooown Auburn! 28-7. Game over, right?

Whew!!! Game Over now! 28-21

Final Scoreboard with stats

Players celebrate with the Auburn Band.

The cool night ends, leaving 3 tired but happy Tigers!