Wreck Tech!
Auburn - Georgia Tech, Sept. 6, 2003 in Atlanta
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Friday night at Jocks and Jills. With Coach watching over us, we won Friday Night Trivia. Team name: "Wreck Tech". A good omen for the start of the weekend.

1st Place!
We're gonna kill Tech!

Did you know? Right hand stall in women's room at Jocks and Jills has Roster photo's from 1989 Auburn Tigers. Another good omen.

Gameday at the Atlanta Auburn Club's party at Jocks and Jills

Getting my game face on.

The pregame party picks up.

Bryan and me, happy and hopeful for a good game! We have no clue of the impending disaster.

Our seats at Historic Grant Field. War Eagle!
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The debacle begins.

Once again, due to circumstances beyond my control, the day went downhill from there and no further pictures were taken.
AU-3, GT-17
Bring on Vandy! Or, maybe not.

* Yes, that's the Auburn Band over Bryan's right shoulder at the far end of the stadium, several miles away from us. Could the Tech ticket people have spread us out any more?!?!?! And those gold seats, lower left corner stayed half empty the whole game. Where were those people? I hope when the Techies come to Auburn in 2 years, we give them tickets in Tuskegee.
Nice that we timed the picture to have the AU on the scoreboard at the right time though.