Auburn 45 - Mississippi State 13
Oct. 18, 2003
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The granny cart was packed and ready for a day in Auburn!

Why am I always the first one there?

Set up for a serious day of tail-gating!

Sort of a pitiful Tiger Walk. The crowd was dead and expecting a blow out. I was getting nervous.

Coach Dye visited with the radio broadcast team. I'm still a Dye Hard Auburn Fan!

A nose picture. Tried to get Coach Dye in the picture, but my head got in the way. Sorry.

Old friends return to campus 26 years after we met. Can that be right?
Nice tail!

Suddenly, 2 famous fashion models appeared at our tailgating. Oh wait, that's my darling niece and nephew!

So the tailgating continued.

Posing with Jennifer.

No Jen, don't get up. You just sit there, we'll pose around you.

Pre-game. GIVE ME AN "A"..... GIVE ME A "U".....

Kickoff! Waaaaaaaaarrrrrr.......

Touchdooooooown Auburn!

Touchdooooown Auburn... and another...

... oh, and again....

Oh, and another... Cadillac breaks the school TD record. (6 TD's)

Final scoreboard, as Aubie reminds us to be Tidy Tigers and keep our campus clean!

Bryan recites a frat pledge to a match. Kids today. This is what they're learning?

Jen was getting chilly, as the sun dropped down in the western sky.

OK, who's taller? Remember, poofed up hair doesn't count.

The sun goes down on Jordan-Hare. As always, it's grrrreat to be an Auburn Tiger!